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Extreme Control is providing the ultimate snorkeling and scuba diving experience in Tulum for the entire family. With over 10 years of experience in water sports like scuba diving, cavern dive, cave diving and snorkeling we are sure to offer  to our customer the best service and an exquisite location, Extreme Control Diving School promotes a new philosophy of diving.

Located in Tulum, rignt in the heart of the cenotes land in the Yucatan Peninsula , we provide a special treat for divers and snorkeler of any skill levels.  Tulum is a world-renowned location for cave and cavern diving. One of the biggest world's cave systems runs only few feet under the limestone shelf that Tulum and the surrounding jungle sit upon. Our team of professionally trained cave divers will show you this amazing underground river system.


To provide our diver's with the best service, Extreme Control Diving School offer professionally guided cavern and cave dives for both novice and experienced divers. We offer all levels of  scuba courses by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and courses for cavern and cave diving by NACD (National Association of Cave Diving). Check out our price list

All of the dive spots are really close to  our locations in Tulum so we can get there quickly by car. Some of the sites are deep in to the mayan jungle so be ready for a new diving experience. In many other cenotes  the limestone shelf has broken over time exposing the massive system of underground rivers. The sinkholes, known as cenotes (see-no-teh), provide the entrance into these underground rivers. It is really impossible to describe the turquoise rays of light beaming in through the jungle as you descend below stalagmites and view the earth's crust over your head. It is a sight to be seen. If you are an  Open Water certified divers  you can join one of our tour and experience this phenomenon without going through the rigorous training of becoming a fully certified cave diver. The cavern systems always have openings within 100 feet of the diver so a quick exit is possible. Full caves do not have this exit and are for professionally trained divers only. As well we offer great snorkeling adventure in the in the Cenotes and as well in the beautiful Bay of Akumal, so come with us and we will show you the best of the Riviera Maya. So, are you ready to strap on your gear and jump into a whole new world?